Inclusive Solutions to Connect the Marginalised with Development.

With the pressure of population growth pressing hard on urban areas, it can be said that the key to sustainable development in Africa rests on more investing going towards rural development.

Stratagen has invested in designing and developing technology solutions that can help in the management of infrastructure development projects  and improving service delivery in rural areas.


An example of the implementation of our Rural Infrastructure Management solutions is the Rural WASH Infrastructure & Services Management System (RWIMS) in Zimbabwe. This system (which is deployed across all the 60 rural districts of the the country) is a versatile internet and SMS interfaced geographic information system that enables the Rural District Councils and development agencies like UNICEF to effectively partner in developing and maintaining WASH infrastructure while proactively responding to the evolving service delivery needs of the rural communities. 

More than 2,500 government extension workers have been deployed with the RWIMS FieldForce mobile application for continuous field mapping and data collection. Rural residents are also able to use the SMS based chat-bot of the system to report on developments and issues in their areas. Through this chat-bot’s auto-services the system will assist them to get the response interventions they need from the nearest service provider in real-time.

This platform has seen more than 2 million households, 13,000 schools, 1,400 health centers and over 45,000 businesses and other institutions in rural Zimbabwe stay connected to their service providers for the betterment of their WASH infrastructure and services.

With this platform in place, the government is better enabled to collaborate with development aid agencies, private sector and rural citizens to drive true infrastructure and services development. Contact us to find out more about how such a solution can work for you.