We are the official partner to the Government of Zimbabwe in fostering Smart Investment, Development and Bilateral Collaboration for the country.

Stratagen was selected to be an official consulting partner to the Government of Zimbabwe to design and develop the exhibition of opportunity in the country at the World Expo that will now be held in Dubai UAE from October 2021 to March 2022.

Through our services and solutions for Business and Location Intelligence we are developing the platforms and tools for discovering, presenting, engagement facilitation on  opportunities for investment, development and bilateral  collaboration across all the key sectors of the economy – primarily mining, agriculture, infrastructure, water resources, tourism, energy and telecoms.


Stratagen is leading the efforts with a spectrum of multi-sectorial stakeholders and experts to discover, exposit and facilitate engagements on the opportunities in Zimbabwe. We are focused on creating data-driven investment models that can objectively evaluate opportunities through data-backed and economically-motivated investment themes.

We are collating all the available data – both conventional and unconventional – and composing it into a big data repository. This repository will drive the platforms of engagement through which the government and various sectoral stakeholders to gain an informational advantage, make more informed decisions and have more meaningful interactions in the pursuit of investment and development opportunities around the country.

Through our tools and expertise in working with big data,  we are currently working to identify strong business and development cases with attractive valuations, positive sentiment and a strong connection with positive themes that are trending in the global markets.

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